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Beautiful Art Deco 1920's Fire Rusty Orange BeadedFloral top Tunic Blouse size UK 10 UK 6

Beautiful Art Deco 1920's Fire Rusty Orange BeadedFloral top Tunic Blouse size UK 10 UK 6

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Splendid, of extreordnary beauty, heavily beaded tunic, short dress. This extravagant top is driping with elegance and vintage charm. Excessively embellished with clusters of beads and shiny sequins of diffrent shapes. Truly made to perfection top. Unique and crisp, fire orange colour evokes sfeelings of vibrant life and strong spirit. Extraordinarly hand-made, with most amazing Art Deco floral motifs, stunning beaded art immersed in this wonderful piece of clothing. Truly recommend..

Condition: Great condition. Exquisitely embelished with pearls and sequins. All hand crafted. Stunning workmanship. Condition fabulous for it age...So recommend!

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