About us


About Us

I'm a photographer and a fashion stylist who helped hundreds of people to build their desired looks starting from make-up and hair & finishing on the outfit and the smallest accessories carefully selected to match the chosen outfit.
I started CrimsonQueens comapny at Etsy in 2017, so far we had nearly 2000 sales and 5000 followers with star rating 5*****.
We are also recognised as a "stellar seller" which means we are proud of our fast express shipping and quick reply to our customers selling high quality, unique outfits.
I decided to move the business to my own page to be more flexible with payment options and also to be able to offer multiple discounts and run different online events that I can advertise on my website. Having more space and flexibility enabled our business to grow even more. I really welcome everyone to shop with us. It's safe and professional. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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